The Future is Bright.


South LA Best Buy Teen Tech Center is a safe and encouraging space where youths can gain exposure to various fields such as web development, entrepreneurship, engineering, intellectual property, and generational wealth. The center provides a supportive environment for teens to develop their skills, where problems can be redefined as opportunities to learn and improve, and teens build a network with like-minded peers.

In addition to being a creative hub, the center also serves as a resource center for the community, offering internships, scholarships, and professional development opportunities. Mentorship is an integral part of the center’s mission, and teens have access to MIT Professor of Learning Research, Mitch Resnick, as well as other experienced mentors. The Center utilizes the TCN Learning Model to guide projects, which are based on teens’ passions and interests.

Overall, South LA Best Buy Teen Tech Center is a place where young people can thrive, build community, and achieve their goals.